La Guardia Airport (LGA), NY

“Car and Limousine Services in Connecticut to Use to Beat Gridlocked Traffic Through LaGuardia Airport During This Construction Period”

Since the beginning of LaGuardia Airport’s massive multi-billion dollar redesigning program, travelers have been experiencing gridlocked traffic getting in to catch their flights.

Most days, travelers are seen abandoning their cars and navigating to the main highway serving LaGuardia, Grand Central Parkway and walking on foot with suitcases to the terminal. As passengers continue to travel through LaGuardia Airport during this redevelopment period, some roads will be closed, and parking will be limited.

Going in or out of LaGuardia Airport during this construction can be quite challenging,and this is why passengers who want to get to their flight as scheduled are urged to find other means of getting to the airport.

Making use of car and limousine service is one of these ‘’other’’ means of beating this traffic turmoil and getting through to the airport on time.

The proven quickest way into the city to LaGuardia airport in this reconstruction program is through the use of limousines especially for business reasons or corporate events.

Though there are many car and limousine companies in Connecticut, in towns like Greenwich, Stamford, New Canaan, Darien, Norwalk, Westport, Fairfield to use but some of them are not reliable. Some of them may have cheap rates, but Google review and yellow pages indicate that their services and the cars are ancient and not very well maintained thereby wasting precious time on the road and may possibly not get to the airport on time.

Chivalry Limousine is the best and genius way to have a stress-free ride not only to LaGuardia Airport but also to other major airports. The company provides high-quality ground transportation with an unbeatable flat rate for premium car, economy car and SUVto LaGuardia Airport,NY (LGA), J.F. Kennedy Airport,NY (JFK), Newark Airport, NJ (EWR), Westchester Airport, NY (HPN), and other tri-state area airports.

It is more economical to use Chivalry Limousine than trying to use public transport, the ride will be smooth, thepassenger(s) on board can enjoy maximum comfort which will allow them to dedicate their journey time to business matters. For custom or complicated itineraries, well-trained customer service representatives will assist you and give you that 5-star treatment you deserve.

Chivalry Limousine’s chauffeurs are professionally trained on how to make their way through the traffic and be punctual at all times. These certified chauffeurs will also offer anescort to the client to the vehicle, assist with luggage and open the door to reflect the standards of Chivalry Limousine.

Next time you want to beat mad traffic through to LaGuardia Airport and other major airports, use Chivalry Limousine, it’s economical, saves time, gives optimum comfort and it’s reliable.

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